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January 25, 2018




Animalistic I became as I was face to face with the king of the jungle. He was majestic and powerful. His stare pierced my soul. His breath felt warm as it sailed through the air. His life had one purpose, to conquer, to win. He feared nothing. He was absolute in his worth. He knew who he was. Not nature, nor others, nor disruptions ruin him. He is and always will be, whole, within himself. He teaches me the most important aspects of my human life.



Faced with people who have nothing. I hear the voices of hope. I hold the hands of a woman in pain, saying the prayers that we both believe in utmost. Trudging through the slum, I see a child who cries. I see the trash piled high. I acknowledge the beggars. My heart breaks, piece by piece. But through the tunnel of darkness, the joy shines through, it is bright and resounding, even on the darkest and most silenced day. Who are we to not have joy? 



Rectify my life. Put me in my rightful place. Give me justice. No. Corruption, war torn, pain, turmoil, rape, murder, child slavery, families forever separated, poorest of the poor, richest of the rich, control, poverty, starvation, lack of education, poached wildlife, uncleanliness. Injustice. Complete injustice. However, happiness overcomes it all. However, belief of a higher power, someone looking after them. However, joy engulfs the nation. However, hope sinks into hearts and speaks out of mouths, daily. One day lives will be rectified. Justice will come.



Ignite my life with fire, Africa. Inspire me completely. Instantly turn my heart of stone to a heart of gold. Soften my glance. My eyes turn to the heavens. My feet tread, feeling every step. My mouth speaks only words of encouragement and love. My needs become pointless. The urgency of my stomach fades into the dust. My arms and hands only want to do good. To hug, to shake hands, to high five. My mind elevates with passion. Bring me to my knees in prayer, Africa. Make me feel everything. Look into my soul, Africa. You have caught me, in the midst of my busy, superficial existence. 



Candid visuals surround me. The most authentic of moments. The most stunning of sceneries. The most erratic wildness. I stand in the market place in Nairobi, watching the Matatu's speed by; "In God We Trust" they inspire. The music plays loud, the party never ending. In Masai Mara, the monkeys screech and play, the giraffes drink cautiously from the water hole, the lions roar in the night. The beauty overflows my heart, the perfection overcomes me. I stand back and observe the lives of the locals, see them exchange words and a helping hand. I see nature and the miracle of it astounds me. Teach me Africa. Teach me to appreciate my life.



Another world. Another culture. Another way of life. Another type of friend. The best kind. I fall in love with the smiles. I laugh my hardest at their jokes. I learn so much from their wisdom. I am humbled by their positivity. The fun and adventures are never lacking. I am in awe by the colours of their clothing. The softness in their eyes. Their knowledge and passion for their country. The love they have for each other. No judgement. Family and friendship is more important than air. Their lives so simple and beautiful. Give much, expect little. My friendships in Africa will be forever. My heart will always lie in Africa.










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September 25, 2018


September 12, 2018

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